Thursday, 19 March 2015

Spring/Summer 2015 campaigns, and what was really being said

With the Spring on the horizon,… well hoping and praying it will, we thought we would give you our opinion on some of the super brands Spring/Summer 2015 campaigns and what we believe what actually being said

Ralph Lauren

"oh!... hello, soooooo I’m just going to go for ride on these camels in this beautiful if totally impractical ralph Lauren dress and see a few sights.....". 

Shot by: Bruce Weber
Model: Sanne Vloet
see the campaign here

Sonia Rykiel 

Don’t I just have the most beautifully dishevelled hair? Well of course I do that’s why I'm in a Sonia Rykiel campaign

Prabal Gurung

 I am Grungy and sexy.... full stop

Alexander McQueen 

I am ethereal and mystical.. that’s why my arms and feet are held at this odd angle



Jourdan Dunn "she is the old guard ushering in the new"
Naomi Campbell "who you calling old!"


I am eternally cool.. that is all


Dior girls and always climbing up walls and falling down.. we don’t know why, but hey it's Dior so we agreed to be on the ad anyway

Dolce & Gabbana

1st lady "Pisssst..did you hear what Dolce and Gabanna said about IVF!!"
Middle lady "WTF"
End lady "I know right!!”

Mui Mui

Why are you looking at me through the crack in the door? Stop it is creepy

Oscar de la Renta

Were at a garden party for the elite, oh you want to come? Buy the dress and you'll fit right in


Blonds are just cooler than you other folk


We decided to go swimming in dresses that would pay for a deposit on a modest house.. aren't we silly, doesn’t matter we still look cooler than you

So do you agree? If not what would you have them say?

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