Thursday, 23 July 2015

Zuhair Murad Couture Fall 2015

Zuhair Murad 

is for me usually the edgiest of glamorous eveningwear, his pieces are usually on trend cutting edge and still girly, I really admire that skill

the first few pieces from this collection had me wondering if this was in fact an Elie Saab show (the Disney princess seemed to be in full force)

Murad has always been in love with his sequins, but he usually does them in such a off the cuff way, this couture show for the master that is Murad was bland and did not set him apart for the herd.. the pieces were still pretty and there were a few occasions that you saw some of his brilliance from his other shows

Taylor swift seems to be an inspiration, (just take a lot at the majority of the models) but I liked how his designs transformed her form a pop princess to an elegant lady

boo hoo to the safe first few pieces.. and hello to the sexy lady in black, he brought it back

But todays show didn’t leave the usual feeling of elation that normally get

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