Thursday, 22 January 2015

Beautiful dress details: Backs

Back details in dresses are just amazing


I am taken aback (sorry about the lousy pun) by some of the details I have been looking at whilst researching dress details

Riccardo Tisci, for Givenchy, I love this guy, his work is amazing, and after watching a few interviews, I really am one of those sad people who fall in love with people's characters after seeing them in TV, and.... I want to be his friend, just like I do with Kevin McCloud, but a very different discipline, for those outside of the UK he is a presenter of a show about architecture) 

Have a look at some of his work in these pieces, although they are couture pieces so hence the detail

I have been bragging about good Zuhair Murad, but I’m glad to see more publications take notice of him, I’ve recognised his talent for some time to anyone who would listen

 One of the masters of drama in dresses Elie Saab

This house just seems to attract the best talent and let it shine, Dior

Here are some of the old guard creating some amazing pieces
Valentino and Alexander McQueen

And some of the new working their magic
Adam Lippes, Christopher Kane and Temperley London 

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